13 BEST FISH FOOD FOR GUPPIES | Ultimate Guppy Breeders Guide

Best fish food for guppies is essential, even though they eat common fish food like algae in the wild, the different variety of fish food can bring the result of their full potential of growth and gives a good result to their health. The high protein content of fish food will be the key to their beautiful colors and body shape. 


Guppies are tropical fishes that live in shallow water. But before they knew these guppies they start to call them a million fish or rainbow fish and as time went on, these rainbow fish was slowly transformed into different kinds of strains. Guppy fish has a lot of colors, patterns, and different kinds of tails shape that why a lot of people all over the world loves to care for them.

But for the beginner that wants to start caring for them, they’re confused about what is the best fish food for guppies. Like the other tropical fishes, guppies can eat live food and commercial pellet that are available in the market or pet store.

Best fish food for guppies is very essential including the content of the fish food. Quality fish food for our guppies can develop their ability to fast their breeding stage, produce lots of fries, enhance their color, increase their immune system, and provide a beautiful longfin and tails.

BEST FISH FOOD FOR GUPPIES (Ultimate Guppy Breeders Guide)

Best Fish Food for Guppies Infographic

This is the list of best fish food for guppies that able to give them. Fish food for guppies has a lot of content and method to feed them. Make sure to check their label or learn more about the content of the fish food.

  1. Commercial Pellets
  2. Colored Flakes
  3. Floating Pellets
  4. Sinking Pellets
  5. Spirulina Tablet / Flake
  6. Frozen Blood Worm
  7. Tubifex Worm
  8. Mosquito Larvae
  9. Daphnia Magna and Moina
  10. Grindal Worm
  11. Baby Brine Shrimp
  12. Decapsulated Baby Brine Shrimp
  13. Instant Baby Brine Shrimp



Guppies are omnivores and it is suggested to offer them the best fish food for guppies such as high-quality flake fish food or even a frozen live food as possible. In other words, if you overfeed the guppies it will be also harmful to them. The commercial pellet can cause high ammonia to your tank if the guppies do not consume it immediately.

Giving a little amount of commercial fish food is enough for them. Importantly, if you decided to give them live food like the tubifex worm, make sure to clean the tank every other day to prevent the disease it carries that will be harmful also to our guppies.


Summary of Feeding Fish Food For Guppies Infographic


  • Morning – Fish Food Pellet
  • Noon – Live Food
  • After Noon – Fish Food Pellet
  • Evening – Fish Food Pellet / Live Food

You can adjust the feeding time for guppies. During this season, guppy has a fast metabolism and it’s better to give the best fish food for guppies.


  • Morning – Fish Food Pellet
  • Evening – Fish Food Pellet

It’s better to feed them commercial fish food since the guppies have a slow metabolism during rainy or cold weather.


  • Every 1-2x per week

It’s highly suggested that you give a food supplement to the guppies because it gives the best result to their health and also enhances their colors. Aside from that spirulina tablets is the best fish food for guppies and boost the immunity of your guppies to avoid sickness during cold weather.


1. Commercial Fish Food Pellet


One of the best fish food for guppies are commercial fish food pellets that is available in any fish store, it has many kinds of brands and has a different mix of content. The commercial pellet has different sizes like fish food powder for fry and granules for a juvenile to adult size.

Most commercial fish food mixture contains crude protein, fat, fiber, omega 3, moisture, spirulina, etc. It is one of the best fish food and required for our guppies that they can eat high protein pellets to enhance their beauty and maximize their potential to have longfins and tails.

Sample content from the manufacturer.

Brand: (Tateh Premium)

  • Crude Protein – 33% min.
  • Fat – 7% min.
  • Fiber – 5% min.
  • Crude Ash – 12% min.
  • Moisture – 12% min.

2. Colored Flakes Fish Food


Colored flakes are almost the same in commercial pellets. It enhanced also their coloration, boosts the immune system, and contains minerals that need for our guppies. On the other hand, the texture and color of flakes are far different in commercial pellets. 

To clarify, when I was using these flakes on my guppies, I notice that if you give them a huge amount of flakes and they did not consume that immediately, the colored flakes dissolve faster and their color will cause a stain in the water. So make sure that give your guppies a small number of flakes to prevent ill or killing of the guppies.

Sample content from the manufacturer.

Brand: (Omega One)

  • Crude Protein – 42% min.
  • Fat – 12% min.
  • Fiber – 2% min.
  • Crude Ash – 5% min.
  • Moisture – 8.5% min.

3. Floating Pellets Fish Food


These pellets are fed only to large fish such as goldfish, molly, cichlid, and other large tropical fish. It is also another option of best fish food for guppies. Why?.. like what I experience before during the pandemic of covid-19 are spreading all over the world and I was running out of fish food for my guppies. The floating pellets are my savior, I crushed them into tiny pieces to make them granules size and give them to my guppies.

Floating pellets also provide an average amount of protein and other nutrients for ornamental fishes. You can use these floating pellets as alternative fish food for your juvenile and adult guppies. To sum up, it is better to have during an emergency rather than then cannot eat in a whole day.

Sample content from the manufacturer.

Brand: (Unbranded)

  • Crude Protein – 35% min.
  • Fat – 5% min.
  • Fiber – 3% min.
  • Crude Ash – 13% min.
  • Calcium – 2% min.
  • Lysine – 0.5% min.
  • Na Cl – 3% min.
  • Moisture – 10% min.

4. Sinking Pellets Fish Food


Aside from floating pellets, the other choice of fish food that you can provide to your guppies is sinking pellets. It has a good crude protein, crude fat, and crude fibers that allow to your guppies become healthier. 

Sinking pellets comes to have different brands and it is suggested to check the content label provided by the manufacturer. The sinking pellets can feed any ornamental fishes like guppies. It may boost the strength against diseases, immune resistance, and color enhancement of the guppies.

Sample content from the manufacturer.

Brand: (Tateh Premium)

  • Crude Protein – 33% min.
  • Fat – 7% min.
  • Fiber – 5% min.
  • Crude Ash – 12% min.
  • Moisture – 12% min.

5. Spirulina Tablet / Flake


Our guppies require high fish food supplements that provide many benefits to boost their health and avoid sickness. Spirulina tablets have a high nutrient content with organic materials to support the naturals source of vitamins and minerals. It also boosts the energy production and immune system of our guppies.

Spirulina contains a microscopic blue-green algae, which is a source of thiamine, chlorophyll, vitamins B6 and B12, riboflavin, iron, as well as antioxidants, selenium, and vitamin K. Spirulina has three kinds of fish food, table, powder, and flakes. All of these kinds can feed them your guppies or other tropical fishes.

Sample content from the manufacturer.

Brand: (zoomed)

  • Crude Protein – 45% min.
  • Fat – 4% min.
  • Fiber – 3% min.
  • Moisture – 8% min.

6. Frozen Blood Worm Live Food


The frozen blood worm has a 100% nature fish bait that preserves in high-quality frozen production. This kind of fish food is suitable for any ornamental or marine fishes which have multi-vitamins, fat, and protein content.

It’s more like in tubifex worm. But the bloodworm was made to be frozen, which means that it was already clean and preserves the high protein needed for our guppies. In short, If you do not have enough time to get, hatch or maintain your live food. This frozen blood worm is a better option for feeding your guppies.

Sample content from the manufacturer.

Brand: (HikariUSA)

  • Protein – 3.5% min.
  • Fat – 0.3% min.
  • Fiber – 0.7% min.
  • Moisture – 94.5% min.
  • Phosphorus – 0.01% min.
  • Vitamin C – 10mg/kg min.
  • Vit. B2 – 2mg/kg min.
  • Vit. B12 – 200µg/kg min.

7. Tubifex Worm Live Food


Tubifex worms can be found in sediments lakes or rivers. Similarly, it is also found in any part of the canal or drainage. The tubifex worm carries different kinds of bacteria and organic materials that live in their habitat. However, fish keepers find ways to decontaminate them to be able to feed them in any ornamental fish.

Like frozen blood worms, the tubifex worm has two kinds. Live and dried frozen. These tubifexes have the same nutritious high protein and fat content that can feed our guppies. Importantly this live food can boost the growth of your guppies but consequently, your fish must be less healthy and colorful than the other fish food with a more balanced diet.

8. Mosquito Larvae Live Food


Mosquito larvae are extremely simple to culture and contain a high protein nutrient for our guppies. But it has 15 days period to transform the larvae into a mosquito which has a possibility to carry a deadly virus like dengue.

Culturing mosquito larvae can start in your backyard. Stock empty water and place a banana peel as a food starter for the larvae. After 7 days you can harvest the mosquito larvae and can feed them to your guppies. Like the other live food, mosquito larvae can boost the growth of your fish.

9. Daphnia Live Food (Moina & Magna)


Daphnia contains a good quality protein that can feed for fries, juvenile, and adult guppies. These tiny creatures live and massively produce in a stagnant swampy area. They can multiply a hundred to thousand for a couple of minutes by feeding them a microplankton substance produce by the green water.

Daphnia’s can culture in your backyard by feeding them yeast, green water, or even the water that you remove in the aquarium. This is the reason that most of the guppy breeders love to culture this because it was easy to care for them.

10. Grindal Worm Live Food


Another easy to culture is the grindal worm, this small white relative of earthworm that lives and reproduces in any wet soil around the world. This is prolific and appeals to a wide variety of fish such as terrestrial amphibians and invertebrates.

It has contained a good amount of protein so it also boosts the growth of our guppies. It is also one of the best fish food for guppies that need to culture them in a small container, wet coconut fiber, and dog food to let them multiply rapidly.

11. Baby Brine Shrimp Live Food


The most commonly live food is used by guppy breeders. Besides, baby brine shrimp requires plenty of time to hatch. Baby brine shrimp need to bottle, aerator, water, and salt to hatch them.

It requires to reach 18-24 hrs hatching time that to be able to feed in the guppies. Baby brine shrimp is not difficult to find, it is available to buy in any online shop, pet store, or other guppy breeders.

12. Decapsulated Baby Brine Shrimp


Decapsulated Baby Brine Shrimp is ready-to-eat fish food, which means that it is a non-hatching live food that you can give to your guppies. However, some decapsulated baby brine shrimp requires mixing in a cup of water before you feed them to your guppies. It optimizes impact on water quality and eliminates ammonia.

Like baby brine shrimp, the decapsulated baby brine shrimp are also the best fish food for guppies and also available in any online store, aquatic pet store, and other guppy breeders. Decap BBS for short comes from a lot of different brands and you need to be aware of the content on it. Find a high protein content that has a minimum of 50% which is good for our guppies.

Sample content from the manufacturer.

Brand: (Brine Shrimp Direct)

  • Protein – 53.6% min.
  • Acid Fat – 7.3% min.
  • Fiber – 19.6% min.
  • Moisture – 8.3% min.
  • Ash – 4.9% min.

13. Artificial Artemia


Like decapsulated baby brine shrimp, the artificial artemia is also the best fish food for guppies and it is ready to mix or instant baby brine shrimp that can feed directly to any ornamental fishes like guppies. Otherwise, It is not needed to hatch or mix any water before you feed in your guppies.

Guppy breeders that join in any guppy show use this alternative fish food to condition their guppies before the day of the guppy show. Artificial artemia avoids the high impact of ammonia in the water. This guppy fish food will enhance the digestion of fry and raise the survival rate of fry.

Sample content from the manufacturer.

Brand: (Ocean Nutrition)

  • Protein – 7.0% min.
  • Fat – 0.7% min.
  • Fiber – 0.7% min.
  • Ash – 1.7% min.
  • Moisture – 85.0% min.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the best fish food for guppies is the primary essential material that needs our guppies. It is the key to have a beautiful color and good quality form of the bodies for our guppies. On the other hand, you need to check the quality content on it depends on what brands that you purchase. The high protein content must be better for our guppies.

Providing your guppies a good fish food requires monitoring and check the water parameters of your tank to avoid the impact of high ammonia levels. In conclusion, Change your water frequently after you feed them a high amount of fish food, especially the live food like tubifex worm, grindal worm, and daphnia to avoid the sickness of your guppies.


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