LIST OF LIVE FOOD FOR GUPPIES – Best Live Food of Guppy Hobbyist

Ornamental fishes like guppy are popular right now in the fishing hobby with their colorful fin and tails guppies give beauty to our community tank. But most of the hobbyists didn’t know what is the best live food for guppies.

Best Live Food for Guppies
Infographic of live food for guppies


Live food for guppies is essential while their breeding stage causes their fast growth and producing a lot of fries. During their fry stage, live food like baby brine shrimp is applicable for the guppy fries until their adult stage.

Culturing live food gives unlimited production for the daily Best Fish Food for Guppies
fish food of the guppies. However, not all live food can culture to multiply their race. One of them is the baby brine shrimp and I will explain later all about the baby brine shrimp and how to hatch them.

Remember that culturing live food needs some materials. Like the other microorganism, they also need to eat and multiply. However, Most of the live food for guppies is easy to crash since you remove them from their natural habitat and transfer them to other containers.



Baby Brine Shrimp is one of the best live food for guppies or any ornamental fish. It has contained nutritional properties for a new hatch, ranging from 50% to 60% high protein. However, baby brine shrimp has different kinds of brands in the market.

The hatching rate of baby brine shrimp depends on the brand of the bbs. It has an 80% to 95% succeding hatching rate. The materials to hatch the baby brine shrimps are an air pump, air hose, bottle, and bbs cap. Additionally, bbs require rock salt and baking soda to hatch the bbs properly. Additionally, the hatching time for the bbs is from 12 hours up to 36 hours.



It is a tiny creature living in a freshwater environment ranging from acidic swamps and to rivers. The spiny water flea’s reproduction rate is rapidly sustained in any aquatic place. Unlike the baby brine shrimp, daphnia is free to catch in any swampy areas, and no need to spend plenty of cash to buy them.

Daphnia is a great option for baby brine shrimp. Like the other ornamentals fishes, It is essential to have this kind of live food that helps for their fast growth. It also has a high protein content that good for our guppies.

Culturing Daphnia species is quite simple, but you must need a tub with green water. The microplankton organism requires sunlight to live and grow. Daphnia will thrive faster after they consume this little organism’s built-in green water.



Tubifex Worm is a freshwater species that lives in rivers, sediments of lakes, and occasionally sewer lines. Tropical fishes like guppies can boost their growth rapidly. It is also a popular diet for many kinds of ornamental fishes because it’s rich in protein and fat.

Tubifex worms can gather in an open canal or sewers that often can see in our places. However, this species has had lots of problems over the years. Harvesting tubifex worm in the sewer or open bodies of water carries various diseases. But most of the keepers treated this worm by putting antibiotics before they gave it to their fishes.

Most fish keepers did not intend to culture these, while the other fish hobbyist tried to culture these worms because they help to have unlimited live food. Tubifex worm has different sizes that need to slice into little pieces and consume for the guppy fries.


Grindal Worm

The Grindal Worms (Enchytraeus buchholzi/) is a small white worm that lives in the land soil that will be found anywhere. This kind of worm contains a high protein that good for our guppy fries and adult guppies. Culturing the grindal worm is the solution for unlimited supplies of live food. Juvenile and adult guppies love to eat these.


Guppy Sick

Live food for guppies is extremely helpful to their growing stage. However, during the cold weather, it is not advisable to pump your guppies any live food. The metabolism of our guppies is slower than the warm weather. Giving live food is better for just once a day and clean your aquarium often to avoid sickness for our guppies.


Live food for guppies is essential, especially if you are a new breeder, don’t forget to feed them daily or every other day and it will boost their growth and produce lots of fries. Overfeeding the guppies of live food will cause them an internal parasite and the life of the guppies will be short.

All the live food that I mention has advantages and disadvantages since they’re coming from a different environment with lots of bacteria and parasites.


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