4 SIGNS OF FEMALE GUPPIES ABOUT GIVING BIRTH: Complete Care and Guide for Guppies

As a guppy breeder, the 4 signs of female guppies about giving birth are one of my guides to achieve lots of guppy fries and avoid the sudden death of their mother. I feel so excited when I see my guppies have massively produced fries. Imagine that pairing guppy with one male and one female can multiply up to 5x.

The 4 signs of female guppies about giving birth, which will help to produce 30-50 fries in just one drop (giving birth). However, during the first time of giving birth, they produce 5-15 pieces of guppy fries.

4 Signs of Female Guppies is About Giving Birth Infographic

In this article, “I will discuss the 4 signs of female guppies about giving birth and how to take care of them”. But before that, if you start to aggregate your guppies and they start to breed. Monitor the guppy female and you will notice some changes to her.

In this stage, your guppy female is pregnant and soon will produce lots of fries. But before your female guppy drops her fries, it is suggested to separate them from their partner (male guppy) to avoid eating their fry. It is the right time to monitor the female guppy before they drop their fries. It is concluded to feed fish food to your female guppies and avoid them making them hungry. It is a secret method of the guppy breeders by eating also their baby fries.



Guppy Belly Shape
Female guppy starts to have a curve on her belly. It is easy to notice if you saw her in a top view. This sign means she is pregnant.

Female guppies have a big and rounded belly formation. Even if you check them in top view you will notice that their tummy is starting to have a curve, unlike their normal belly. Having an almost “Box Shape” with the bottom of their tummy is one of the signs that they are pregnant.


Guppy Gravid Spot
Gravid Spot has a large dark spot near the anal part of the female guppies and yellow or orange in albino strain guppies.

All the female guppies will develop a gray to a dark spot near their anal and it is called a gravid spot. Not only a grayish or dark spot you will be noticed in all the female guppies. The gravid spot has an orange or pinkish color, especially for yellow and albino female guppies.

If you notice that the gravid spot of female guppies is large with dark spots, it indicates that they are pregnant and female guppies about giving birth anytime. Sometimes you will notice the eye of fry at the gravid spot.


Guppy Nesting
Sign that the female guppy will give birth anytime soon. Avoid disturbing her or transfer to other containers during this stage.

The female guppies about giving birth need to isolate themselves in the guppy community. If they are starting to hide or else in they are in the corner of the tank. It’s better to remove the pregnant guppy to avoid contact with the other guppies. She will also become more aggressive and might attack the male guppies attempting to mate her.

In this situation avoid, you have plenty of time to remove her from your community tank and separate her. It is highly suggested to put the female guppy alone in a tank and add a floating plant for her. Anytime soon she will give birth a guppy fries and during this time, do not disturb her until she finishes her giving birth.


Guppy Contraction and Rapid Breathing
Female guppy will start to rapid breathing as a sign that she will give birth anytime. Do not interrupt her during this period to avoid stress.

Like the human being, guppy does contraction and rapid breathing if they’re near to giving birth. They tried to flex their caudal fin so the tails come up as they prepare to give birth.

When the female guppies about giving birth, they will also tend to breathe rapidly as the oxygen level in their bodies decreases. This last method has a 90% probability that your guppy female will give birth within them or the next day. It is better to separate immediately to avoid them eating their fries.


These are the 4 signs that you need to remember and consider that your female guppies are going to give birth very soon. This kind of method will help you to increase the mortality rate of your guppy fries. However, make sure to put the female guppies in an isolation box or add the tank with floating plants.


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